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The majority of products are labeled indica, sativa or hybrid. These classifications are intended to provide a general idea of the effects you can expect. Indicas tend to offer sedative, relaxing qualities while sativas are more energizing and uplifting. Hybrids are a combination, taking on the properties of the parent plants. However, there is much more to consider. We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the chemical profile of the strain. Make note of the THC percentage, THC:CBD ratio and the terpenes and remember that each strain will affect each person differently.

Get Educated and Indulge Responsibly

Consumption methods play a significant role in the onset and duration of effects. While some enthusiasts are all about the art of rolling the perfect joint others prefer greater discretion or want more precision with dosing. Terp Bros suggests familiarizing yourself with options, partaking in some responsible experimentation and keeping an open mind. We’ve put together a brief explanation of different consumption forms to help you get started.

  • Flower, bud or nugs can be smoked by way of a joint, blunt, pipe or bong. Premium dried flower is free of seeds, leaves and stems and Because the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream via the lungs, you’ll begin to feel the effects within minutes of inhaling.
  • Pre-rolls avoid the skills, effort and accessories necessary to create a joint or blunt. They are ready-to-light, portable and affordable. Since you can purchase a single pre-roll, they are an ideal opportunity to try new strains.
  • Concentrates include badder, hash, diamonds, sugar, rosin and more. They are the result of stripping away excess plant matter and provide the valuable chemical components of the cannabis plant. Exceptional potency and rich terpenes deliver immediacy and long lasting effects. Concentrates are typically consumed by vaping or dabbing.
  • Vapes are a smoking method that avoids odors and ash. Along with discretion, they are extremely easy to use and designed for portability. Because the cannabis oil is heated just shy of the point of combustion, the desired cannabinoids and terpenes remain intact, which results in exceptional flavor.
  • Orals such as tablets, capsules and tinctures are a smokeless option that avoids irritation of the lungs. There’s no need for any extra gear. They are precisely labeled for ease of dosing, easily consumed and about as discreet as it gets. The sublingual absorption of cannabinoids of a tincture delivers effects as quickly as 15 to 30 minutes. For swallowed options, effects take from 30 minutes to 2 hours to be fully realized.
  • Cannabis-infused edibles such as gummies, chocolates and beverages are easy to consume and discreet. Because the cannabinoids are absorbed by way of the digestive tract, effects take a while to set in. They also tend to be more intense and long-lasting. We recommend beginning with small amounts and low doses. Wait to fully feel the effects before consuming more.
  • Topicals are applied directly to the skin. They are typically non-intoxicating and used for therapeutic benefits. Success stories continue to emerge from those utilizing cannabis-infused balms, ointments and lotions for relief from pain, inflammation, headaches and more.

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